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Conscious Consumer

Wake up from unconscious consumerism. Let's create a consumer culture in which our consumption choices consider the planet, people, and other animals as well as our deeper needs.

What is a conscious consumer?

Consumer choices impact the planet, people, and other animals. In a consumer culture, we're often disconnected from a product's creation and disposal and don't even realize when its impact is negative.


A conscious consumer considers why they purchase a product, where their product is from, and who or what is harmed by that product.

In doing this, we can make more conscious choices that do less harm and act as an extension of our values. These choices then create a feedback loop to influence change in harmful systems.

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What's the problem?

Let’s get clear, we need to consume foods and goods to survive—this is part of our natural interaction with the environment and with each other. And, our modern economies are built on the production and trade of goods.

The problem is not that we consume. And the solution is not that we halt production and stop consuming entirely…it’s much more nuanced and complicated than that!

The problem is that we consume without being conscious—as individuals and as societies—of the negative impact that many products have. When we become conscious of negative impacts, we become empowered to make positive change.

Start getting conscious

As we become more conscious of why we consume and what impacts our choices have, we can take more solutionary consumer actions.


Consider how consumer culture came to be and why it encourages unconscious consumption.


Learn about the impacts of unconscious consumption on the planet, people, and other animals.


Explore the many ways we can consume more consciously as individuals and as a society.