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Buy local mom-n-pop or vetted ethical corp?

This one feels like an obvious answer (maybe) but I think there's still some conversation to be had here. Supporting local mom and pops feels like the way to go, especially when you can connect with the business owners and learn from them about their ethical and environmental practices.

A counter-thought, though, is what about encouraging the big biz to keep making strides in the MOGO direction by increasing demand for their greener, more compassionate efforts? AND what if mom and pop aren't there to tell you about their product and they can't afford the certification so you don't even know their product is (insert: vegan, cruelty-free, fair-trade, etc) next to big B corp next door? Do you assume mom-and-pop is still the more ethical way to go, net-net, or do you go with the labels you recognize?

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