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Better to order online or drive my car to the same brick-and-mortar the delivery truck drove to?

Does shopping in person really do any less harm than shopping online? Seriously, when you consider the consumer's commute to the store to buy an item in person + the delivery truck's commute from the factory to the store vs. all the Amazon trucks just running around all over, I don't know. And from what I've read, studies can't seem to agree on which process is more carbon-intensive: delivery or in-store pick-up

I know the follow-up question to this question is: what are you buying and do you even need it? Let's assume I do. And I can't find it on Facebook Marketplace or in my neighbor's dumpster. So now, when considering factors outside of emissions (workers' conditions, road congestion, retail infrastructure), which one of these generic options is the least-harm option?

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